3″ AND 4″ SUPER MAK SELF-PRIMING PUMPS 3″and 4″ SUPER MAK Self-Priming Pumps are known worldwide for their superior durability, performance and cost savings, as well as their unparalleled ability to operate in a wide range of environments, including Fresh Water, Sea Water and Mud. SUPER MAK parts’ easy interchangeability with those of other pump suppliers


DEWATERING SYSTEMS PSI Dewatering Systems are designed to reclaim water or oil from drilling fluid waste. They separate water from suspended solids through chemical and/or mechanical means and then recirculate it, cutting out the wasted time and expense of bringing clean water onsite and of disposing of the now reduced amount of solid waste. FEATURES


BRAKE COOLING SYSTEMS Each Process Solutions International brake cooling unit is engineered to your specific parameters and requirements. Unlike many products that are considered standard, our manufacturing and design team uses their extensive knowledge to tailor every brake cooling unit to exact project criteria. Additionally, with the exponential advances in control components, there is a


MAX2000 BUG BLASTER The Max2000 Bug Blaster is designed to circulate a large volume of air around your equipment and personnel.  The “BB” can be used to move insects, to aid in the cooling of equipment and personnel. Each of the units are manufactured to meet OSHA specifications for personal safety and also in locations


MAX2000 MUD HOPPERS The MAX2000® 6″ Mud Hopper by PSI is a rugged low-pressure, high-volume unit that makes it easy to accurately mix solid additives into drilling fluids. Driven at 40-60 PSI by the mud system’s centrifugal pumps, drilling fluid is forced through the hopper jet at a rate of 1100-1400 GPM. An integrated sack


HIGH SHEAR HOPPERS The shear hopper diffuses additives into your materials by means of high velocity, suction, turbulence and recirculation. Additives can be added manually and liquids can be added from a drum or tank. It requires fewer polymer or surfactant and up to 50% less bentonite. The PSI shear mixer is both a radial


MAX2000 FUEL FILTRATION The PSI DF-25 Diesel Filtration Unit offers a compact, skid mounted diesel processing solution specifically designed for the rigors of field use. At just 35 psi the unit removes 100% of water and 98% of dirt and other contaminants. The unit is equipped with a rotary gear pump featuring valves and plumbing


SHAKER SCREEN CLEANERS Our easy to use shaker screen cleaners are designed to keep screens operating at maximum levels by ensuring they get thorough wash downs, thus minimizing premature failure. PSI’s one-man system cleans screens in a fully enclosed container, providing full protection for workers and a cost-saving reduction on workers’ time management. With the

Process Solutions International supports all aspects of liquid and solids treatment processes throughout the world, ranging from environmental remediation and oilfield drilling operations to uranium mining.

Since 1991, our focus in providing quality equipment and service has been a number one priority company wide. Our clients are as diverse as our product offerings.

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