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The VAK Degasser is a rugged vacuum unit designed to safely and efficiently remove 99.9% of entrained air and gasses such as methane, H2S and CO2 from drilling fluids. Designed for the rigors of field use, the unit features a 5 hp, 50 or 60 Hz industrial-grade TEXP motor rated for continuous operation, which powers the vacuum pump. A push-button starter gives operators fingertip control. This self-contained, skid mounted unit supplies up to 29″ Hg of vacuum to efficiently handle high-viscosity fluids.


  • TEXP 5 hp motor with starter and fan guard
  • Up to 29” Hg performance for viscous fluids
  • 5,200 IN2 baffle surface area
  • Epoxy coated internal surfaces resist corrosion
  • Fail-safe overflow valve
  • Low-maintenance float assembly
  • Easy access to baffles and float switch
  • Compact design for easy placement
  • Skid mounted, self-contained unit
  • Minimum moving parts for reliable operation
  • 2425 lb. dry weight

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