As our footprint continues to grow both internationally and domestically, PSI is opening a new location in the Permian. We look forward to meeting with everyone in the coming weeks. The doors to a fully stocked warehouse will open May 1st!! We’re excited and we hope you are too!

Where it all began.

In August of 1999 my 1st born, MAX, came into this world. We were in the development stages of designing the most rugged and oilfield tough centrifuge feed pump on the market. PSI has never steered away from our focus of supporting the customers that need a reliable and proven design. We are PSI MAX2000


Feb. 2017 The Badger 250 & 118 Series Centrifugal Pumps are now manufactured exclusive by Process Solutions International as MAKDADDY Pumps.

Process Solutions International supports all aspects of liquid and solids treatment processes throughout the world, ranging from environmental remediation and oilfield drilling operations to uranium mining.

Since 1991, our focus in providing quality equipment and service has been a number one priority company wide. Our clients are as diverse as our product offerings.

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