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MAX2000 Bug Blaster


The Max2000 Bug Blaster is designed to circulate a large volume of air around your equipment and personnel. The “BB” can be used to move insects, to aid in the cooling of equipment and personnel. Each of the units are manufactured to meet OSHA specifications for personal safety and also in locations that are defined as a “hazardous area”. The 3 phase, explosion proof, electric motors and starters are available in a variety of voltages as well as Class/Division levels. The starter is prewired to the motor for ease of installation at the location. To customize each unit, you have the option to choose the standard 2 part paint system in PSI Blue, galvanized frame or the paint color of your choice. Each “BB” is built to provide you with a high quality product that is dependable and a low maintenance unit.
Shaker Screen Cleaners


    • Used to disseminate gases, stale air and insects around equipment
    • Features 3 sizes (36”,48” & 54”)
    • Available in a variety of voltages, class and division levels to meet your custom needs.
    • Compact design with rigid frame
    • Explosion proof motors
    • Bolt or weld down frame
    • High CFM with low dB rating
    • Starter is pre-wired for simple installation at job
    • Wall mount available,
    • Front and back safety guards
    • Low maintenance unit