The PSI Atmospheric Degasser is a compact, cost effective solution for removing entrained gasses from drilling fluid. Mud (drilling fluid) is pumped from the bottom of the pit by the unit’s powerful 10 HP TEXP motor and piped to an elevated separation tank. A baffle plate in the tank sprays a sheet of high-pressure drilling fluid against the tank wall. This sheeting action and impact allow entrained gasses to escape to a vent pipe for disposal while degassed fluid flows downstream through a discharge. The unit processes fluid to within 16 PPG at up to 600 GPM.

Two models are offered. The ATMDG-S standard model operates in mud pits to eight feet (8’) deep, while the ATMDG-DT deep tank model is designed for pits deeper than eight feet. Both are compact enough for virtually any application, allowing plenty of room in the pit for additional mud handling equipment. The units feature an insulated, explosion-proof starter/motor combination for safe, trouble-free operation. Constructed of rugged high quality American steel, all exterior surfaces are coated with industrial grade polyurethane. All internal surfaces are epoxy coated for long-wearing durability.


  • Rugged 95 Shore A durometer polyurethane construction
  • Highly resistant to heat and abrasion
  • Economical, long-lasting upgrade
  • Recommended minimum 75 feet of head
  • 500 GPM flow rate
  • Removes sand-size solids (40-100 microns)
  • Simple grooved manifold connections
  • Fast, easy break-down for cleaning
  • Replaceable bottom cone and discharge assembly
  • Optional ceramic insert and overflow elbow
  • Shipped fully assembled, ready for installation

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