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Shaker Screen Cleaners

PSI’s shaker screen cleaners are ingeniously crafted to ensure screens operate at peak levels, minimizing premature failure by providing thorough wash downs.

Our one-man system offers easy operation, cleaning screens within a fully enclosed container, offering full protection for workers while saving time and costs associated with manual cleaning.


Enclosed System for Maximum Screen Performance and Worker Safety in Drilling Operations

  • Maximum Screen Performance: Ensures screens operate at maximum levels by providing thorough wash downs, minimizing premature failure and optimizing performance.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with increasingly finer wire cloth used in modern drilling environments, ensuring compatibility and efficiency in screen cleaning.
  • Minimized Cleaning Medium Usage: Designed to clean screens effectively while using the minimum amount of cleaning medium (water or base oil), reducing environmental impact and operating costs.
Shaker Screen Cleaners

Worker Safety

Fully enclosed system provides complete protection for workers during the cleaning process, reducing risks associated with manual cleaning methods.

Cost Savings

Reduces costs associated with manual cleaning and screen replacement, offering a cost-effective solution for screen maintenance.

Easy Cleaning

Utilizes high-pressure wash-down technology to effectively clean screens, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging drilling environments.


Wash fluid and waste are fully contained and reclaimed for recycling or reuse, promoting environmental sustainability and creating a clean work environment.


    • Either pneumatically or electrically driven
    • Two distinct circuits for water or base oil
    • Reclaims fluids and solids
    • Fully enclosed—protects personnel and work site environment
    • Accepts all shaker screen types
    • Reduces fluid usage over conventional wash-down gun
    • Operates at 3000psi -4.5 gpm
    • Multiple jet nozzles ensures screen is cleaned in 2 passes (approximately 1 minute)
    • Handheld wand can be connected for use as regular rig wash-down gun
    • Explosion proof electrics

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