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Material Handling Equipment

Welcome to our range of Material Handling Equipment designed for efficiency and safety. This category includes three essential products that cater to various material handling needs: the MAX2000 Mud Agitators, Screw Conveyors, and High Shear Hoppers. Discover their features, benefits, and how they can benefit your operations.


The MAX2000® Agitator is a reliable choice for all your mud agitation needs. It’s built for longevity, efficiency, and tailored adaptability. Whether you’re looking for a vertical or horizontal design, carbon or stainless-steel impellers, we’ve got you covered.
Makdaddy Centrifugal Pump

High Efficiency

The gear sets are made to minimize backlash, which boosts the unit’s life. The helical bevel gear stage boasts a 98% efficiency.

Adaptable Lubrication

Internal gears and bearings use mineral oil. However, for extreme temperatures, a synthetic lubricant is recommended.

Easy Maintenance

A standout feature is the lower bearing that can be maintained from the tank’s top, removing the need for in-tank inspections.


Four layers of protection keep the lower bearing constantly in touch with uncontaminated lubricant.


Effective Particle Management

Our MAX2000® Mud Guns prevent solid buildup in tank corners and aid in the mixing and suspension of particles.

3″ And 4″ Super Mak Self-Priming Pumps


Made of durable materials, they ensure longevity and efficiency.


Mud Guns effectively reduces solid buildup in tank corners.


Mud Guns create alternative product flows with agitators.


Mud Guns are available with handles for ease of rotation.


For a simple and economical way to handle semi-solid bulk materials like drill cuttings, the PSI Conveyor System is your best bet. Crafted from durable components, it can be customized to suit your specific handling needs.

Enhanced Safety Options

  • A remote switch to halt operations quickly
  • Attention-grabbing strobe light and alarm horn
  • A side-mounted emergency pull cable
Industrial Pumps

Top Section

Grates on top for added safety

Drive Section

Houses the gearbox, motor, and other essential components


This couples to the drive section and has the least parts, making it streamlined.

Tail Section

Contains components similar to the midsection with trough end flange and waste pack seal


PSI Shear Mixers are the highlight of our High Shear Hoppers. They efficiently introduce additives into materials, saving you on additive costs and ensuring top-notch mixing.
  • High-speed 6″ Mixing Eductor with a durable Urethane Nozzle & Diffuser
  • Pre-wetter line for powders
3″ And 4″ Super Mak Self-Priming Pumps


A spacious 24″ conical hopper made of 304 Stainless Steel


4″ suction vacuum gauge for monitoring


Quick disconnect through Groove-type connections


Operates at pressures between 40-50 psi

Product Categories

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Industrial Pumps

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Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment

This category includes three essential products that cater to various material handling needs: the MAX2000 Mud Agitators, Screw Conveyors, and High Shear Hoppers.

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