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MAX2000® Fuel Filtration

The PSI DF-25 Diesel Filtration Unit is a compact and skid-mounted solution meticulously crafted for the demanding conditions of field use.

Diesel Fuel Filtration System

This unit is engineered to remove 100% of water and an impressive 98% of dirt and other contaminants at just 35 psi, ensuring clean and reliable diesel fuel for your equipment.


Compact Skid-Mounted Solution

For Field Use with High-Efficiency Contaminant Removal

  • Efficient Contaminant Removal: Removes 100% of water and 98% of dirt and other contaminants at only 35 psi, guaranteeing high-quality fuel for optimal equipment performance.
  • Robust Pumping System: Equipped with a rotary gear pump with valves and plumbing, capable of delivering up to 25 gpm of processed fuel, ensuring smooth and consistent operation.
  • Reliable Electric Motors: Driven by 2 hp, 230/460 V explosion-proof electric motors, providing reliable and safe operation in challenging environments.
Shaker Screen Cleaners

Backup Pump System

Includes a second backup pump to ensure continuous operation even if the primary pump requires service or maintenance.


An explosion-proof starter houses switches and connections for safe operation, prioritizing the safety of personnel & equipment.

Downtime Prevention

Helps prevent oilfield equipment downtime caused by contaminated diesel fuel, ensuring efficient operation and minimizing costly repairs.

Clean Diesel Fuel

Highlights the significance of clean, pure diesel fuel for maintaining equipment reliability and performance in demanding oilfield conditions.


    • Processes up to 25 gpm through 1” pipe at 35 psi
    • Heavy wall plumbing
    • Valves and plumbing for independent operation
    • Dual-stage filtration
    • Twin rotary gear pumps for no downtime
    • Twin 2 hp, 230/460 V explosion-proof electric motors
    • Twin explosion-proof control boxes
    • Skid mounted w/ catch pan
    • Finished with a durable polyurethane paint
    • Available with dispensing hose and nozzle
    • Shipped fully assembled

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