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MAX2000® Mud Agitators

The MAX2000® Agitator offers rugged reliability combined with the flexibility to suit your specific requirements.

Configurations and Options

  • Vertical and Horizontal Configurations
    Available in both vertical and horizontal configurations to accommodate different tank setups.
  • Impeller Options
    Offers a choice of canted or hydrofoil impellers available in carbon or stainless steel, providing versatility for various applications.
Makdaddy Centrifugal Pumps

Gearbox Housing

Built with a rugged cast iron gearbox housing, featuring helical bevel gearing that runs smoother and cooler compared to standard worm gears, ensuring more efficient operation and extended lifespan.

Lower Bearing Configuration

The unit’s unique lower bearing configuration allows for maintenance from the top of the tank, eliminating the need for in-tank inspections.

Grease Pocket & Seal Arrangement

Lower bearing seals are strategically arranged to maintain a grease pocket supplemented by four rings, ensuring the gears are consistently bathed in uncontaminated lubricant.

Strongest Shaft Coupler

The agitator boasts a unique shaft coupler, known as the strongest and most reliable in the industry.


    • The MAX2000® Agitator features a rugged cast iron gearbox that houses helical bevel gearing. The gear sets are precisely ground to prevent all but the slightest amount of backlash in the gear sets. This feature promotes longer life by eliminating the high impact forces generated when the unit is energized at start-up. Each helical bevel gear stage is 98% efficient. A typical worm gear set is only 85% efficient, since it loses most of its efficiency through the generation of heat.
    • Internal gears and bearings are lubricated with mineral oil. When the ambient temperature drops below 23ºF or rises above 140ºF, a synthetic lubricant should be substituted. A unique feature of the MAX2000® Agitator is the lower bearing, which can be maintained from the top of the tank. This feature eliminates the need for in-tank inspections of the lower bearing, and also provides a barrier of grease that can be expunged out the lower seal.
    • The lower seals are arranged to accommodate the grease pocket and make for a four-tier layer of protection for the gearing. The end result means the lower bearing stays in contact with good, uncontaminated lubricant at all times. All four of these levels must be breached prior to loss of oil in the gearbox.

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