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The MAX2000® Progressing Cavity Pumps feature highly reliable pumping characteristics that allow the user to monitor fluid rates with precision in applications from environmental remediation to food service industries. Our unit’s proprietary double-seal pin joint available only in MAX2000® Progressing Cavity Pumps—virtually eliminates the possibility of contamination at this vulnerable connection. Its modular design allows the user to easily alter pumping characteristics for specific applications. Rugged, system matched maintenance parts extend unit life and minimize downtime. Each unit is skid mounted for easy transport and set-up.This extremely reliable piece of equipment is integral in various industrial uses from environmental remediation to food service industries.


  • The MAX2000® Progressing Cavity Pump features the only double-seal pin joint in the industry. With improved technology, the “donut” style joint seal has been enhanced. By providing a “boot”, the joint is sealed with amazing reliability. When installed correctly, the boot clamps compress the boot to seal each joint with more than one inch of linear sealed surfaces. This greatly minimizes the potential for contamination of the joint.
  • As with centrifugal pumps, we have created a modular design in the MAX2000® Progressing Cavity Pump. This modular design minimizes the need for customers to stock a wide variety of components. In doing so, it is now very easy to change the pumping elements, and alter the pumping characteristic of the MAX2000® Progressing Cavity Pump.
  • Unlike most progressive cavity pumps sold in the United States, approximately 98% of the components in our MAX2000® Progressing Cavity Pumps are manufactured in the United States by craftsmen who take great pride in their workmanship.

Process Solutions International supports all aspects of liquid and solids treatment processes throughout the world, ranging from environmental remediation and oilfield drilling operations to uranium mining.

Since 1991, our focus in providing quality equipment and service has been a number one priority company wide. Our clients are as diverse as our product offerings.

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