Process Solutions International considers quality to be a consistent conformance to customer requirements. To meet or exceed our customers’ requirements for the quality of the products and services we provide, PSI strives to improve our processes and advance our use of technology continuously so as to enable our customers to become more efficient and profitable.

PSI provides our employees with all necessary information, training, tools and support so that they can achieve our quality objectives.

PSI specializes in equipment that transfers, mixes and conveys all types of products as each process requires.  Our product offerings include:  MAX2000 Progressive Cavity pumps, Vacuum Degassers, Centrifugal pumps, Chemical Injection/Metering Pumps, Fuel Filtration Units, Brake Cooling Units, Mud Agitators, Mud Guns, Mixing Hoppers, Desanders, Desilters, Suction Strainers, Conveyors, gearboxes and custom fabrication.
Providing Solutions to your Processing Problems is our Specialty!

It is our goal, at PSI, to treat all customers, employees, suppliers and our community with honesty and integrity. Contact our experienced sales team or International Partners for further assistance.

Process Solutions International supports all aspects of liquid and solids treatment processes throughout the world, ranging from environmental remediation and oilfield drilling operations to uranium mining.

Since 1991, our focus in providing quality equipment and service has been a number one priority company wide. Our clients are as diverse as our product offerings.

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