The shear hopper diffuses additives into your materials by means of high velocity, suction, turbulence and recirculation. Additives can be added manually and liquids can be added from a drum or tank. It requires fewer polymer or surfactant and up to 50% less bentonite. The PSI shear mixer is both a radial premixer — eliminating clumping, fisheyes and microgel — and mixing eductor — providing vigorous mixing and robust shearing.


PSI Shear Mixers are designed to move large volumes of materials rapidly while drilling. They pump and introduce liquid and/or other additives into the materials, thereby sustaining high output.

  • 6” Mixing Eductor with high density, high abrasion resistant Urethane Nozzle & Diffuser
  • Powder Pre-wetter line
  • 4” Feed Inlet pressure gauge on feed inlet, liquid filled
  • 24” Conical hopper with 6” butterfly valve and 30” x 48” work table constructed in 304 Stainless Steel
  • 4” Suction vacuum gauge on suction, liquid filled
  • All components are assembled with Groove type connections (quick disconnect)
  • Operating Pressure 40-50 psi (92-115 ft/hd)
  • Net Weight: 4 in – 300 lbs 6 in – 480 lbs

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