The PSI 4”and 5” hydrocyclone desilters are molded from rugged 95 Shore A durometer polyurethane for dependable performance in demanding oilfield applications. Designed with no problematic moving parts to jam or wear and featuring exceptional resistance to heat and abrasion, the units offer an economical, long-lasting alternative to older, less efficient designs. Two sizes allow you to better match the equipment to specific job requirements.

Easy installation and maintenance, long-wearing durability and dependable performance make the PSI 4” & 5” hydrocyclone desilters the ideal solution for tough mud-handling projects.


  • Rugged 95 Shore A durometer polyurethane construction
  • Highly resistant to heat and abrasion
  • Economical, long-lasting upgrade
  • Recommended minimum 75 feet of head
  • 500 GPM flow rate
  • Removes sand-size solids (40-100 microns)
  • Simple grooved manifold connections
  • Fast, easy break-down for cleaning
  • Replaceable bottom cone and discharge assembly
  • Optional ceramic insert and overflow elbow
  • Shipped fully assembled, ready for installation

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