External link opens in new tab or windowFUEL FILTRATION SYSTEMSThe PSI DF-25 Diesel Filtration Unit offers a compact, skid mounted diesel processing solution specifically designed for the rigors of field use. At just 35 psi the unit removes 100% of water and 98% of dirt and other contaminants. The unit is equipped with a rotary gear pump featuring valves and plumbing for operation delivering up to 25 gpm of processed fuel. A second backup pump is in place should the primary pump be taken off line for service. The pumps are driven by 2 hp, 230/460 V explosion-proof electric motors. An explosion proof starter houses switches and connections for safe operation.


One of the most common sources of oilfield equipment downtime is contaminated diesel. Water, sediment and even algae growth can cause flow and ignition problems, often resulting in significant downtime and expensive repairs.  Most oilfield equipment depends on clean, pure diesel fuel to efficiently operate in demanding conditions.  Reliability in the field begins with clean, quality diesel fuel!